Monday, March 1, 2010

I'm Moving...

I'm moving my blog to WordPress...for obvious reasons! So you can now find me at:

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Big Week

It's been a crazy full week. We were busy every evening, and then yesterday I threw my friend Lauren Soini a baby shower. It was a fun week, but exhausting. I did a lot of entertaining, which I love, but it takes a lot out of me.

Haze had a big week too. She cut her 5th tooth on Thursday, finally started drinking milk from a sippy cup, and started walking Wednesday night! She's been taking steps since the beginning of the month, but when asked if she was walking I would reply, "only accidentally." Now it's definitely intentional and she take lots of steps (not just three falling ones). It must have worn her out, cause she got quite sick last night. She has a horrendous cough and perpetual snot running down her face. Her spirits are up, but I feel so bad for her. Sleeping is the hardest for her. She coughs more and is super congested. Hopefully she'll get better soon.

Also this week, I chopped off about 7 inches of hair. I'm not sure how i feel about. I don't hate it, I'm just in shock I think.

We're all home today, taking it easy and cuddling Hazel back to health. Sadly we were supposed to have the Leffel's over for dinner, but with Hazie being sick, we had to cancel. We've been watching the Olympic hockey game (USA vs Canada) this afternoon and perhaps we'll have takeout for dinner. Not the Sunday we had planned, but kinda nice to relax together.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Jordyn Turned 4

On Sunday afternoon we celebrated Jordyn's 4th birthday. (Jordyn is my cousin Erin's little girl, and our goddaughter). Hazel got to wear her party dress she got from Aunt Susie on her birthday. I love that little girls wear party dresses for their birthdays...when does that stop? I miss it. Perhaps I'll wear a dress on my birthday this year.

I love this one: girls just sitting at the top of the stairs.
Hazel loves dogs and cats. This is her with my cousin Shea petting Kato the Cat.

Afterward we went to say goodbye to my grandpa. Here's Hazel with her great grandma Ingraham. Hazel is number 14 of 15 great grandkids.

We've really been enjoying these sunny days...It's not super warm, but it's so beautiful out. We've been going on as many walks in the afternoons that we can, before the rain comes back.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Glenn Ingraham

My Grandpa Ingraham passed away this evening. He was a man who loved Jesus and told everyone he met about Him. Even last week while at the hospital, he asked a nurse, "Do you know Jesus?"

We were able to see him this evening at his hospice care facility, to say goodbye before he passed.

This is from Christmas Day. It's Grandma and Grandpa with 8 of their 15 great-grandchildren.

Please keep my dad, his 2 brothers, and my grandma in your prayers this week as they deal with the loss of their father and husband of 65 years, but also rejoice in the fact that Grandpa is now with Jesus and pain free.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Sunny Day

Dan started his new job on Tuesday, and it's been a fantastic week! He loves the job, and we both love that it's work from home. He probably puts in more hours, but they're flexible hours, so it works really well for us. We get to have breakfast together, which upgraded from cold cereal to eggs, and we get to have little lunch dates (cause Hazel is napping). I was nervous that Hazel would pester him while he worked, but she's done really well at leaving him be...and I have too! I love having him here and I love the flexibility he has. He can break from work and watch Hazel while I make dinner, (which for some reason is the only time of day that Haze is clingy and wants to be held). Yesterday for lunch we ate and watched LOST. Today I got to go shopping while Hazel napped. And this afternoon, which was absolutely GORGEOUS, we went for a little walk in the sun. Seriously, 59 degrees and sunny in February? I'll take it!

This is from yesterday...Hazel and I were going through the ads. Her face just kills me. If you click to enlarge the picture, you can see that she was saying, "ooooooohhhh!" It was super cute.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Average Day

This face brings me so much joy! Hazel is talking more, eating more, napping more, and doing quite well! Here's an average day in our house. Hazel and I wake up between 8:30am-9:00am, we both brush our teeth and head upstairs for breakfast (which now includes Dan since he started his new job yesterday)! We all have eggs: Haze gets 2 fried eggs and some fruit, and Dan and I have eggs over-easy or a fritatta or something. Then we play in the living room for a while (Hazel with her toys, me with the Internet). We head down for me to get ready for the day, then we usually leave the house on some sort of errand (on Monday's it's Gymboree class at 11:15am). We come home, I nurse Haze and then she goes down for her nap (somewhere between 12:15-1:00) and she naps for 2 hours. During her nap I have lunch (which now is with Dan)!!! I also do my bible study, return emails, clean up, etc. When she wakes up, she eats lunch and then we head out again (sometimes to Gymboree for open play gym. We come home and when Dan is done with work, he takes over Hazel watching and I make dinner for the three of us. The evenings vary (Mondays is movie night, Tuesdays is Bible Study with Church, Thursdays I have Bible Study with my cousin, and Dan volunteers at the church with the tech group. Wednesdays or Fridays we usually have someone over for dinner. When we're free for an evening we all play in the living room...Hazel gets super silly between 7pm-8pm before bed, so it usually involves a lot of laughing from all three of us. Then at 8pm I nurse Haze, put her to bed, and Dan and I usually catch up on our recorded TV shows or watch a Netflix movie. And that's our average day.

This is the face of pure joy:

Monday, February 15, 2010

Bosom Buddy

My neighbor as a child, is my "Bosom Buddy" to quote Anne of Green Gables, (which we watched together as kids). She moved to Eastern Washington when we were going into 4th grade, but we have remained dear friends over the years. She was a bridesmaid in my wedding and even lived with us 2 years ago for a few months while she started her new job at Children's Hospital in Seattle. Her name? Carrie Pauls, aka: Carebear.


This weekend we went out to her parents house in Colfax, WA and all the "kids" came home for the weekend too. We had such a wonderful time. Janice, Carrie's mom, makes amazing country home cooking, so we literally ate ALL weekend long. We celebrated Jeff's 25th Birthday, played Pictionary-Down-The-Line, Hazel played with Addison, Deanna's 2 year daughter, we ate and laughed and ate some more.

Addison and HazelDeannaDaddyMommy
Janice had brought out all of Deanna, Carrie, and Jeff's old toys; the toys I had also played with as a kid. It was so fun to see Hazel playing with them too. She LOVED the mini Pound Puppies, and the Little People.

Does anyone remember Pound Puppies? I had a stuffed animal, and there was a cartoon too. And my oh my, Little People have changed a lot over the years.

They've gone from this (image source):

To this (image source):

Addison got a Barbie Jeep for Christmas so the girls had fun with that in the Church Gym, while the boys played a killer variation of Dodge in they almost killed Norm, Carrie's dad.

It was so fun to relax on the farm. Dan and I try to go every year, but we hadn't made it the last three years. I'm so thankful to have such a dear friend and family whom I share so many childhood memories with.